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Admission Notice 2024-25

04 Mar 2024



    1.                         Admission Form is available free of cost. Only one form per child will be given. Forms will be issued between from December 4 onwards (MONDAY)

    2.                         Admission Form and new fee structure will be available on www.aksips.in and can be downloaded free. It is also available at the respective branches of AKSIPS.

    3.                         Only Rs.150/- is to be paid as registration charges at the time of submission of the admission form.

    4.                         Entry Class: AKSIPS 41                  : Pre-Nursery

    AKSIPS 45, 65, 125   : Play Way Class

    AKSIPS 123               : Class 3

    5.                         Age criteria for admission (As per NEP 2020): Age as on 1st April ,2024 Play Way : 2+ yrs, Pre Nursery: 3 yrs., Nursery: 4 yrs., K.G.: 5 yrs., Class I: 6 yrs., Class II :7 yrs., Class III: 8 yrs.

    6.                         Number of seats in entry class: Approx. 50-60 for each branch of AKSIPS. For rest of the classes strictly on availability of seats.

    7.                         Documents required at the time of admission for Entry Class: As per the   details  given in the Admission Form .

    8.                         Criteria of Admission: First come first serve basis.

    9.                    Fee: As per fee structure. Check school website- www.aksips.in and notice boards of the respective branches of AKSIPS for the same.

    10.                  Parents can log on to www.aksips.in for Admission information or call school       reception during working hours (8.30 AM to 2 PM ).

    11.                 Admission queries can also be addressed to    


                          aksips41[email protected] for AKSIPS 41        Tel.No.: 0172-2626541

    [email protected] for AKSIPS 45                                 Tel.No.: 0172-4084445

    [email protected] for AKSIPS 65                                 Tel. No.: 0172-2212000

    [email protected] for AKSIPS 125                             Tel.No.:0160-5032494    [email protected] for AKSIPS 123                             Tel.No.:  9501173823

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