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Dussehra Celebration 2023

23 Oct 2023


    A special assembly was conducted by the Iqbal house of AKSIPS-125 Smart School for Lighting up the festive spirit of Dussehra.
    As we know, Dussehra is celebrated in diverse ways in different parts of our vast country, but the core value it signifies remains the same. The festival celebrates the victory of `good over evil` – an important lesson for every child.
    The school campus was decorated with bright colours related to the theme of the assembly `Dusshera`.The assembly started with a speech followed by a poem by the students.Thereafter, a beautiful enactment of a Ramayan scene and Vijyadashami dance was presented by the students, which was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.And at the end a melodious Bhajan was sung by the AKSIPIANS to fill the whole atmosphere with the religious feel.
    The Branch Head, Mrs. Sekhon appreciated the whole assembly and gave a message to the students to imbibe the qualities of truth and honesty in their lives.
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